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Willingboro Township is located in central Burlington County New Jersey and borders U. S. Route 130 on its eastern side. It is convenient to Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and New York City by car or public transportation. A sizeable number of residents commute to these cities daily.

As a mid-sized municipality, Willingboro has a rich history of being a great place to raise a family. Most of its residential areas (called parks) have an elementary school within walking distance. Over the years, the town's government and civic groups have sponsored a variety of family-friendly events and outings.

The ease of transportation, the abundance of  varied activities, and the nearness of city and suburban shopping coupled with great housing prices has drawn new residents to this location. In addition to transportation via bus and train, residents are within a few minutes drive to I-295, the New Jersey Turnpike and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Philadelphia Airport is approximately 30 minutes away, while Atlantic and Newark airports are within an hour's drive.

The township has been home to a number of outstanding academic and athletic prodigies who have made names for themselves and the area. That list includes Carl Lewis, Olympic track and field gold medalist mega-star, who grew up in Willingboro. The high school stadium is named in his honor.

Willingboro NJ is a great place to purchase a home and to live.
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